Mindfulness in the media

Connors & Ferris Show

Connors & Ferris High School Sports Show with Jeff DeVeronica

Local mindfulness expert, Erica Ebert, who works in that capacity for Webster Schools and other districts in the area, discusses with host Jeff DeVeronica what she coaches athletes and young students, right down to toddlers, in her sessions.

Roc Spotlight

Roc Spotlight podcast with Dr. Matt Driscoll

Join host Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest, Erica Ebert, founder and co-owner of Balance Yoga in Webster, NY, as they do a deep dive into topics ranging from neuroplasticity to meditation and mindfulness.

The Brian Mendler Show

TheBrian Mendler Show podcast

Mindfulness: what is it, and how can it be used in our schools? Can mindfulness be used as a behavior management strategy? Brian Mendler hosts an impactful interview with New York State's only mindfulness teacher, Erica Ebert.