Mindfulness meditation teacher training testimonials

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training completely changed my life, personally and professionally.

It exceeded all my expectations. Erica's teaching style made it so easy to learn about mindfulness and meditation. I learned so much about myself and also on how to show others how powerful mindfulness truly is.

- Kathleen R., Health Coach

The effect this has had on my life is beyond words.

When I saw Erica's offering for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training program through Balance, I immediately jumped at the opportunity, initially thinking how wonderful it would be to share the experience of mindful living with others. After the first weekend, I quickly realized this training was going to be an extension of my current practice, and what an experience it was! Erica's originality, authenticity, and belief supported by her knowledge, study and practice in mindfulness was palpable and inspiring. Erica's ability to navigate and instruct a large group of individuals paved a clear path for introspective and interpersonal learning. My practice is enriched and more bodied from M.M.T.T. Many thanks to Erica and her team for the time, effort, and support.

-Audrey P.

I am so thankful that I took the time and made the commitment to do this for myself.

I just completed the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training with Erica. What an experience! I thought I knew what mindfulness was and that I was doing a great job at incorporating mindfulness into my life. What an awakening to learn directly from Erica what all of this truly encompasses. I had flirted with meditation for years and only now do I have a practices that allows me to be open to my life and the world and accept myself for all that I am. Everyone around me will benefit from this experience including myself, my family, my clients and my community. Thank you so much!

- Sheila D., LMSW, MBA

Seminars, Workshops, and sports teams Testimonials

Erica Ebert has done an unbelievable job with our players season after season.

As coaches, we are always looking for that extra edge for our players. Having Erica come in and work with our teams has helped give us that extra edge. Erica has not only helped us recover faster physically by working us out, she has also helped train our players minds by strengthening their focus and discipline. 

I'm a firm believer that the Eagles making it to the Sectional Finals during her first year working with us was no coincidence. If you want to take your team to another level, I would highly recommend having Erica Ebert work with your team and program. You will not be disappointed!

- Dave Marean, Head Varsity Football Coach, Wayne Eagles

Wayne Central School District

Wayne Central School District

Sessions with Erica are highly recommended!

Erica is a skilled teacher who brings humor into the powerful teaching of mindfulness. Her trainings are inspiring, empowering and transformational. They're aligned with what we want want to develop in our administrators, teachers and, most importantly, our students.

- Valerie Paine, Assistant Superintendent, Greece Central School District

Greece Central School istrict

Greece Central School istrict

Erica is an outstanding speaker with a natural ability to connect with her audience.

Whether she is facilitating a keynote for larger groups or small breakout sessions, Erica combines her mindfulness expertise with genuine, relatable storytelling and perfectly timed humor to engage and inspire both students and staff of all ages.

- Holly Sidebottom, Director of Professional Development, Honeoye Falls-Lima CSD

Honeoye Falls-Lima School District

Honeoye Falls-Lima School District

It has been a pleasure to work with Erica Ebert in both personal and professional capacities.

Through my personal practice, under Erica’s guidance, I've developed an understanding of my physical and emotional responses to external events. The awareness of, and attention to, these responses has helped me to develop skills to begin to better manage these feelings in a way that maximizes my emotional health and productivity.

As an educator, I am passionate about the emotional growth of my students. Erica provides mindfulness instruction to my students so that they, at a very early age, can begin to practice strategies to promote self-awareness. I have seen five-year-olds become able to identify things that distract their learning and utilize strategies that refocus their attention on the learning task at hand.

By teaching these skills to very young learners, I hope these strategies will become second nature, as well as  empowering tools, as these students encounter challenges throughout their journey.

- Lori Miller, Kindergarten Teacher, Webster Central School District

Webster Central School District

Webster Central School District

I saw Erica at an Athletic Director workshop and was immediately impressed with her presentation.

We brought her to Honeoye to talk with our student athletes, parents and coaches about the impact that Mindfulness can have on athletic performance. I was recently on a planning committee for the Section V Student Athlete Leadership Training conference and the topic centered around Mental Health Awareness. I knew that Erica would be the perfect fit for one of our keynote addresses.

Her delivery is anecdotal and humorous and the message is one that every athlete and coach should hear!

- Lorri Campbell, Athletic Director, Honeoye

Honeoye Central School District

Honeoye Central School District